[Listen] “0rphan pt 2” From Don0rphan

Photo by Keeley Parenteau

I’ve been watching Don0rphan grow as an artist over the last year and it seems like he’s finally found his lane and is getting comfortable with his style. A multi-faceted artist that truly embodies the DIY ethos, Don has a compelling story and an impressively positive outlook on the world despite his life of trials and tribulations. Drawing influences from all over but definitely soundcloud sadboi rappers Don takes what you would expect and elevates it by bringing the listener into his inner-dialogue, as if he’s whispering into your ear. I asked him about his latest release, 0rphan pt 2 and he told me, “Basically I wrote this song because it was a break between the love songs I make. I was feeling a bit cocky on this song, only because people think I’m always a nice guy and they can take advantage of me. I also was trying to challenge myself to see if  I can make a turnt song and still be lyrical and myself.” I think he did exactly what he set out to do. In 0rphan pt 2 he linked up with lo-fi producer Zeus to make a self-assured track, letting you know he’s “All about that action”. Check it out below.

Follow Don on social media @don0rphan (it’s a zero instead of an “o”)

Stephen Kaplan