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Local Sounds: News and Notes Around The Chi 11/25/11

lupefoccupy Local Sounds: News and Notes Around The Chi 11/25/11

I hope everyone slept like babies last night, I was definitely out by around 11pm due to typical Thanksgiving rituals. This past week was a short one for many, except our musicians who continued to showcase Chicago’s immense potential with this week’s releases. Thank you Lupe Fiasco. Yesterday Lupe’s Friend of The People dropped, and it really hasn’t really hit the peoples minds yet – something Lupe’s condensed/complex lyrics can do. We also got a bunch of announcements and new music from Kidz In The Hall, Add-2, LEP Bogus Boys, Common, Freddie Gibbs, GLC, Scheme Chance The Rapper, Mike Golden, Jon James, Show You Suck, G-Scott, Legit + more.


fotp Local Sounds: News and Notes Around The Chi 11/25/11

Lupe Fiasco dropped Friend of The People: I Fight Evil :on Thanksgiving, and again for some reason I feel this tape is blowing over people’s heads. Throw your views aside, #Occupy whatever the hell you please, forget L.A.S.E.R.S and take this tape for exactly what it is. That being a near perfect musical portrayal of the state of our industry and society from one of the most intelligent and masterful MC’s in the game. You cannot discredit Lupe’s ability as an writer taking current societal issues in play with immaculate wordplay comparable or better than the best (insert rapper) in the game. Listen to this mixtape.


Add-2 is gearing for his upcoming Save.Our.Souls. project and this week he dropped “Prelude To a Murder”. Bars, bars, bars here people. Be sure


The LEP Bogus Boys are running around the nation promoting their latest Now or Neva mixtape with DJ Green Lantern. Recently they chopped it up with about the project, the single “Rush Hour”, the LEP movie, as well as linking with Green Lantern for the tape.


Common released the 2nd single of The Dreamer, The Believer this week titled “Celebration”. No I.D. attacks this track, making himself heard through the keys, I just which the drums knocked a little harder. The LP is just in time for X-mas on December 20th.


GLC & Boldy James were featured on Louie P. Newtons recently dropped visuals for the track “David Ruffin”. Definitely a classic midwest anthem sound to it here. Church on the move Eternal Sunshine of The Pimpin’ Mind coming soon.


Freddie Gibbs took over the net for the 2nd time in a month last weekend, when it was announced he and Madlib would be releasing and EP together. On Monday we got the EP titled Thuggin‘ via Stones Throw. Listen to the title track Here.


Ruby Hornet caught up with Jon James of the TreatedCrew for and in-depth, honest, and very insightful into the live of Mr. James. This is a must read as 2012 will be the year to fear as Mic Terror, Million $ Mano, Jon James, Hollywood Holt, Gzus Piece, and more will be dropping an album among a bevy other treats.


Kidz In The Hall Released their long-awaited project The Occasion on Tuesday which features, Freddie Gibbs, Killa Kyleon and more. They released sat down with Ology Media to speak on the new record, being “one-hit away” and much more. Support KITH Here and Cop The Occasion.


kith occasion video Local Sounds: News and Notes Around The Chi 11/25/11

Kids In The Hall

G-Scott, the Gary, IN native and recent Str8 Slammin addition dropped his latest project The Michael G-Scott EP. The 7-track EP features Mic Terror, Boldy James, Fitz Fonzarelli + more. Get in tune with the young MC, as he readies his upcoming project Weekend in Los Vegas, dropping early 2012.


Legit, Another talented member of 2008ighties outfit dropped his new joint, “Yachtzee Pt. 2”.  this one is a bit more eclectic sounding jam  from the 2008ighties crew, equipped with a crisp backing band. This is a new favorite. Check it Here. Don’t miss his earlier project Coloring Outside the Lines.


Mike Golden & Friends are readying their next project Groceries, which is due December 5th. The crew dropped the first leak available for free download, “No-Name”. Listen to the gritty, guitar-driven track Here.


Show You Suck decided to release some new music for the people, after a great holiday and hopefully a day of come up’s for all the Black Friday participants. Titled “Flowers” this is the next leak from Show’s upcoming follow-up project One Man Pizza Party 2


Chance the Rapper is hosting his #10Day listening party tomorrow at Leaders (672 N. Wells) from 7-9 with sounds from Vic Lloyd. Make sure to stop through if you mess with Chance & the Save Money crew and even more so if you don’t!


Scheme is gearing up for The Life That I Chose release on December 6th. He dropped the cover art and tracklist this week, and the crew recently shot visuals for the single “Hello (What Up)”, look out for those soon.


Rashid Hadee & The Primeridian released the visuals for “Night Train” off Hadee’s Leakage The PrEp available for download Here. Whenever any of these OG’s drop it is a must listen, Chicago Hip-Hop >.


Thanks for checking in this week, as we got great offerings from the city. December is going to be large, so gear up and get all your homework (listening) done by then, cause we’ll be moving in full-stride. Alot of news coming soon from us here at Ruby Hornet. Thanks for the continued support! It all pays off. If you’d like to contribute to Local Sounds, hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or send and email to

chancer Local Sounds: News and Notes Around The Chi 11/25/11

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