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[LP] Troy Boy: Troy Boy For President

[LP] Troy Boy: Troy Boy For President

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Troy Boy is gearing for a strong output at the polls tomorrow, as projections show him having a great chance of gaining some notoriety as a popular write in candidate on ballots in Illinois. Yesterday he released his debut solo project Troy Boy For President, an eight-track LP solely produced by long-time collaborator Montana Macks. Right off the bat Troy takes us to “Camp David,” a head knocking track begging for a swisher to be sparked during it’s elapsed time playing on the system. Each track that follows gives the listener a similar vibe, something I think is missing in many artists first project. All in all we don’t need to see every style you have mr. rapper, we want to get introduced to you as an emcee. Troy definitely succeeded here, knowing that first impressions mean everything. Hit the jump for the project and be on the lookout for Troy & his SCC crew to open for Asher Roth 11.19.



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