Lupe Fiasco Calls Off Second Part of F&L2, Closes Twitter Account

Date: 01.18.2013 by Alexander Fruchter|Posted in: Music 0 Comments

lupe fiasco and mos def vans otw berlin 09 Lupe Fiasco Calls Off Second Part of F&L2, Closes Twitter Account

I got back from Los Angeles to see that Lupe Fiasco has cancelled the 2013 release of Food & Liquor 2: Part II.  The cancellation comes seemingly out of nowhere, since Lupe had been promoting the project for the last year and half or so, and was very vocal about how it would fulfill his contract with Atlantic, and he let him pursue other arts.  Lupe announced the change via two short and sweet tweets, which he then deleted and then closed his Twitter account entirely.  He left his followers with one final message, “The #LF twitter is now closed. Please follow @DJBusy + @SNDCLSH for daily updates. Thank You.”

Damn.  I would really love to talk to Lupe and see what’s really going on with him. I know he’s been beaten down a bit by the industry and politics of the entertainment industry.  While he loves the music, he is definitely not in love with the music business and American consumerism.  I think he is also just fatigued with being “Lupe Fiasco.”  Just some fuzzy thoughts as I shake off some jet lag.

What do you think? Does Lupe (or any other star/celebrity) have a responsibility to maintain a twitter page? To stay in contact with fans? Just some thoughts. Discuss amongst yourself.