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[Mixtape] Heems: Wild Water Kingdom

[Mixtape] Heems: Wild Water Kingdom

heems himanshu [Mixtape] Heems: Wild Water Kingdom

In what many are calling the waviest release of the year, Queens MC Himanshu Suri aka Heems released his Wild Water Kingdom mixtape today. A more laid-back sounding tape than January’s Nehru Jackets, Heems boasts production from Harry Fraud, Crookers, Mike Finito, and others. Childish Gambino, Bodega Bamz, and Greedhead lablemates Lakutis and Safe also have features. Heems has a penchant for painting vivid pictures of his upbringing and identity, and this skillful storytelling is all over Wild Water Kingdom. Referencing 90s-specific topics from Adina Howard to Kelly Slater and everything in between, Heems also waxes philosophical about dealing with the stigma of being a minority at a predominantly white school and America’s for-profit prisons. Head here to download the mixtape, and stay wavy.

















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