Na$im Williams + SiSi Dior -Highway (Feat. ShowYouSuck & K’Valentine)

Back and rejuvenated for 2018, RH is proud to premiere the energetic single “Highway”, Produced by Na$im Williams & Frtyz and performed by SiSi Dior, ShowYouSuck, & K’Valentine. Stream the song above and check out what Na$im and Sisi have in store for 2018 with our exclusive interview below:

Alexy: “Have you ever awoken from a nightmare to realize you are not awake” is a very gripping start to a song, what was the purpose behind that phrase? 

SiSi: It’s a couple meanings behind that phrase. I’ve always been plagued by night terrors and sleep paralysis when i wake up from my nightmare I’m still frozen in fear though I’m in my room i can’t move I’m still not fully awake. The other meaning behind the phrase is it’s a part of my project Twighlight Zone I came up with Twighlight Zone because i feel like I’m living in another dimension it’s like my worlds been flipped upside down and I’m just living through it.

Alexy: Tell us a little bit about how your track ‘Highway’ came together:
Na$im: The beat for “Highway” was made back in the summer of 2016. SiSi came to the studio with the sample she wanted me to flip and the rest was history. Frtyz co-produced the record. SiSi wound up getting ShowYouSuck and K’Valentine on the track in 2017. I’m very proud of the sound we created.

SiSi: I’m always listening to a variety of music I love this Band “Tycho” I ran into this one track and was like i need Na$im to sample this i hit him up and he & my other Producer Frytz worked together to make a masterpiece. Then i hit up a couple of my friends ShowYouSuck & K’valentine they completed the record and the rest is history.

Alexy: What are your plans following the single? Is there a project in the works? 

Na$im: This is my first release since January 2017. I put out a track featuring my artists from Harlem and Cam’ron. During this past year, I have had the chance to work on so many more records and better understand what I am good at as a composer; my team and I did a lot of studying. SiSi and I are releasing a project in February called “Twlight Zone”. We are also releasing the B side later this year. We landed some pretty cool features on these EPs. SiSi is really going to leave her mark this year. I’m better than ever too!

SiSi: I’m planning on dropping my Ep Twighlight Zone late February. I also have another project in the works with Showyousuck set to drop soon.

Alexy: What are you trying to get across with this new project?

Na$im: We just really want our supporters and the music world to know we are here to stay. SiSi and I have only advanced ever since we teamed up. We are confident in our abilities as musicians and our new marketing plans. We’ve been working with a small yet dedicated team. The work will definitely show.

SiSi: I just want people to understand who I am I want the audience to live in my shoes. Everything is not always as glamorous as I️t may seem. I want to be respected for my Craft and showcase my talent in another light. New sounds New wave.


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