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Naledge of Kidz In The Hall: We Are The Label

naledge wearethelabel top Naledge of Kidz In The Hall: We Are The Label

It’s a hot day in June, and Naledge is spending his afternoon at SoundScape Studios, the Chicago recording spot that has served almost as a second home to the emcee from Kidz In The Hall.  For that reason the recording session serves as a homecoming of sorts, as Naledge has just returned home after roughly 6 weeks touring Canada with his partner in crime, producer Double 0.  While SoundScape has been the place where the Kidz cooked up their three previous releases, School Was My Hustle, The In Crowd, and Land of Make Believe, they ventured out to Los Angeles to record their latest project, Occasion.

“It kind of re-energized us to change scenery,” Naledge says, speaking about their time spent out in Cali recording and partying during All-Star weekend.  The full process, and yes, even the partying was all captured in the Kidz’ new reality show, “Here and Now”, and premiered on earlier this month.  The show tells the story of Kidz In The Hall’s career as artists, one that has seen them battle hard to break out of Hip Hop’s underground just as some of their peers and former openers have seen major success.


“We just looked at what’s been going on and we went back to basics,” he explained. “A lot of what’s winning, a lot of what of our younger counterparts are doing are things that we started off doing, just doing it for themselves.  We feel like we want to be a part of that.  We want to be a part of this new movement of artists being able to release music on their own terms and have core fanbases and tour. We’re trying to just go all the way back to basics.”

Going back to basics meant working together on new music, and keeping the creative control to themselves, giving fans what they have come to know and love from Kidz In The Hall. “We’re just trying to make music that people can enjoy. That’s what people know Kidz In The Hall for doing.  We never had a gimmick, we never had an issue with branding. It was just, ‘this is what it is.’  It’s Hip Hop in its purest form, but it’s also what feels good.”

Since the release of their last LP, Kidz In The Hall are once again free agents, ending their time on Duck Down Music.  The new EP almost marks another new start, one in which Kidz In The Hall have become their own label, and have kept almost everything in house.  In the video clip below Naledge speaks confidently on their new mindset, reveals the only two guest spots on the new project, and explains further how leaving Chicago helped get things back to square one.




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