NePh Releases EP “Vibes”

Self-described as, “Just something for you to sit back & listen to – nothing too deep, just flow with the sounds.” Listening to this 5-track EP I could not have summed it up better myself. It is an effortless listen with each song serving a clear message. Known for never shying away from being vulnerable or open, NePh lives up to his reputation with “VIBES.” However, while discussing topics from sex to handling priorities in life NePh raps very matter of factly and doesn’t make these topics too complicated. This overall makes it easy for listeners to chill and enjoy without having to overthink.

The standout record to me is, “When She Calls.” The smooth structured song is the type of song you lay on the couch with your eyes shut as you get high and try to forget the person always racing through your mind that you wanted to drunk call that weekend. We all have that person we see as perfect, but the timing is always wrong. Hearing this track brought me right back into that headspace, but it didn’t upset me. It was honestly so on point that it was comforting to hear. NePh is using music as the perfect tool to help make things make sense.

This EP marks his beginning and we can’t wait to do as instructed and sit back and listen to more from him.

Colleen Kennedy