No Frills – Stream ANXT’s Watching Paint Dry LP

No Frills – Stream ANXT’s Watching Paint Dry LP

“Remind them/ you either marry wealth or Mary Poppins.”

ANXT is an emcee from the Chicago suburbs. Little is known about him and most of what you find online uses imagery over photos of the aspiring wordsmith. There’s nothing spectacular persay about his latest offering, Watching Paint Dry, in fact, that’s kind of the idea. He told me via email, “Watching Paint Dry is me saying ‘this might be boring to you if you’re used to hyper hip-hop/trap songs.’ It’s slow paced and heavy on narrative. I like risks.”

The project is released as one long mp3 on Soundcloud, further sticking to that theme. It’s not for everyone, but I dig shit like this and I’m becoming a fan of ANXT. Since this released, he also dropped another new song entitled “Coming To America”, which is some poignant social commentary, similar to what is found in WPD.

If you’re a fan of low-fi raps, and Earl Sweatshirt, KA type of stuff, give ANXT a listen.

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