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The faucets have opened on Eminem’s Relapse album with 3 more songs hitting the web today.  “Insane”, “My Mom”, and “Bagpipes (from Baghdad)” all dropped today, as well as an album skit.  In the interest of informing the public and boosting actual album sales, not giving music away for free in exchange for traffic and readership, I have got the 3 joints below with my take on each track.

Eminem: “Insane”


*Delivery-wise, this is the Eminem I actually like.  Content-wise, woah…a graphic story-telling track about child molestation, and the struggles to wash away incidents that forever change one’s life.  

Eminem: “My Mom”


*First thing that came to mind upon the first beat drop was “Guilty Conscience”.  Eminem goes in on his mom, flirting with the Triumph flow on the chorus and providing us with the reflection, “my mom loved valium, that’s why I’m on what I’m on..”  He also ends the first verse with “go find you a white crayon and color a f**king zebra.”

Eminem: “Bagpipes (from Baghdad)”

[audio: from_baghdad.mp3|width=180]

*Eminem’s love letter to Mariah Carey includes lots of wine, a threat to Nick Cannon, and spatulas…

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