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Pac Div Speaks On Majors Vs. Indies and Friendly Advice

Pac Div

pac div shady Pac Div Speaks On Majors Vs. Indies and Friendly Advice

On November 27th, Pac Div will unleash GMB, the Cali trio’s 2nd full length album.  GMB stands for Gabe, Mike, and Brian, the real names of the three members of Pac Div, also known as Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung.  While this is album #2 for Pac Div, they are no newcomers to Hip Hop.  They’ve been making music since 2006, and rose to the top of of the underground 2008.  They signed a major label deal shortly after, and dropped what many thought would be their last “free mixtape” Church League Champions in 2009.  The project spurned what is perhaps Pac Div’s most famous record to date, “Mayor”.

With anticipation at an all-time high, industry issues slowed Pac Div’s momentum.  When enough became enough, they got out of their deal and went back to the independent grind.  Coming out of Cali, they had a lot of indie artists to learn from and Pac Div definitely reached out to others when dealing with their own label problems.

“We reached out to the Alkaholiks,” Like told us during a recent interview.  “That worked out well, they wanted to chop it up with us and just let us know what they experienced going from a Major to an Indie. Little Brother, we talked to Phonte and Big Pooh about it. We definitely talked to the Cool Kids about it.”

Like went into further detail about noticing the differences between the majors and Indies, but stressed that there are shady people at both. Shadiness is not something reserved for the big leagues.  “On both the major level, and indie level, you have to watch out for your best interests.  There are a lot of people that come from the outside and it’s just hard to tell who is on your side. So we just try to take the best advice and apply the best advice to our situation, because everybody’s situation is unique and different.”

We will have more from Pac Div as we get closer to the release date of their new LP.  Check back soon for the full interview.



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