Phony Ppl Return With Way Too Soon

Phony Ppl Return With Way Too Soon

It’s hard to categorize Brooklyn’s Phony Ppl. The five piece outfit makes contemplative music that rests somewhere between psychedelic R&B, Rap and Jazz all while never wavering in their intention or tone. It’s always impressive when a group can push the limit of their genre without alienating the listener, and Phony Ppl manages to do just that. They made a huge wave with their 2015 release Yesterday’s Tomorrow and since then have been touring all over, this last year they opened for Kali Uchis on her national tour. In August they released a  followup song to Yesterday’s Tomorrow called “Before You Get A Boyfriend” which is going to be on their next album.

Last week the group released a new single off of their upcoming album mō’zā-ik, due October 19, via 300 Entertainment. The quintet continues to shake off typical genre definitions and show off their musical prowess with “Way Too Far”. The song is lush in it’s production (it was produced by Grammy winner Qmillion) while keeping a gentle yearning that floats over the top of the track. The beat is set by massive snaps that echo and decay, lending an ethereal bounce while the kick keeps the energy moving throughout.

Frontman Elbie Thrie explained the song, saying, “this song captures that eureka moment: realizing that you’ve been going way over the top for a while now just to make sure somebody else remains content.. and sustaining that feeling for them is draining the life out of you. you may not know what it is yet, but something’s definitely gotta change.”

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Stephen Kaplan