Pivot Gang Is Out For “Blood”

It’s always fun when a whole group hops on one song. Pivot Gang has been a force in Chicago for over 5 years now but it wasn’t until pretty recently that they got the recognition they deserved. On the track “Blood” group leader Saba kicks things off with the hook, “This Pivot shit realer than blood/I’m sending the temperature up/Said 15 minutes of fame/I spent 14 at the bank/It’s Pivot Gang if it a dub/Rest y’all pretty much suck/My niggas is really my blood/Your 15 minutes is up.” Then Joseph Chilliams hops in with his trademark funny-yet-sensual style, dropping this notable line “Dick clean like I’m Jesus/You know me, I’m cute and I’m slim thick (Yeah)/I could work in Victoria’s Secret”. Up next is MFN Melo followed by FRSH Waters. The track was produced by daedaePIVOT and SqueakPIVOT, over all “Blood” shows the group’s strength without Saba dominating it (even though he has the chorus) which is cool. Check it out below.

Stephen Kaplan