Pras Says The Fugees Turned Down $90M Offer For New Tour… And Drops Gems

Pras Says The Fugees Turned Down $90M Offer For New Tour… And Drops Gems

First off, I don’t want to make it seem like this whole interview as about the Fugees, hence the “… and drops gems” in the title. Pras actually has a lot to say about Hip Hop culture, the abuse of the phrase “doing it for the culture”, technology, politics, his forthcoming new EP, and much more. But, and from this interview I think Pras would agree, so many people hold The Fugees in such a special place and that’s what they came to this interview to hear about.

If you’ve followed The Fugees and the three solo members since, you know all the drama that went on behind the scenes and the relationship struggles between Ms. Lauryn Hill and Wyclef (moreso, you’ve heard about them because none of us really know since we were not present). Anyway, Ebro (who does a great job leading this interview) asks Pras about possibly reuniting with Clef and Lauryn for a new tour or album. His response, “I don’t want any part of that.”

Pras later says that about 2 years ago, he was was offered $90M for a 15-month Fugees tour. The number had his interest and he called Wyclef and Ms. Lauryn Hill about it. Neither seemed impressed, and he vowed to never hit either one of them again about Fugees related things. It’s a fascinating interview with Pras revealing that the situation between them got so tense that he was highly monitoring every move he made, and everything he said. Simply, it just wasn’t any fun.

He also admits that they are all acting from a place of luxury and arrogance and fortunate to be able to turned down such offers. Watch the full interview below.

Alex Fruchter