[Premiere] Joz – Parties

Raised in Minnesota, Joz (pronounced Josie), is a singer/songwriter now based in Chicago. Her music is airy and emotional. Candid and vulnerable. She is gearing up to release her debut EP “Blue Line” and has begun the process with her first single “Parties”. “Parties” is a soft touching piece that touches on how different folks go about approaching social events. Some get energy from being around people, others are drained by the experience. The song is honest and refreshing, flipping the paradigm of the celebration record and making it a vehicle for introspection. Read our short Q&A below and get to know the up and coming songstress.

Q: Where are you from, how did you end up in Chicago?

I’m from Minnesota, Midway area in the twin cities and I moved here last year for my freshman year of college to go to art school. I plan on living in Chicago for another year or so whether I’m in school or not. I feel like a fresh version of myself in Chicago, it just feels right to be living here at this time in my life. There are always bigger and newer cities I may live in at some point but I don’t think they need me yet. I’ve made so many important and loving relationships here already that I’m certain it’s a place I can progress and expand in, especially in music.

Q: What was the message behind your record “Parties” ?

“Parties” is a song about not liking parties essentially. Just being someone who doesn’t get their energy from being surrounded by others but at the same time still likes to show up, and show face. I like to go out and have fun for sure, but if I end up around a bogus crowd, I immediately think, “I should’ve stayed home”. “Parties” is also about having someone to pop out with who is your comfort because neither of you really like to be too social or around that many people. Someone who’s going to listen and you know your time isn’t being wasted when you’re with them.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming EP. What is the purpose behind it?

Blue Line is my first ever EP, my first project really. It’s something I’ve been just building and creating since last spring in my dorm room. Everything on this EP was made within my room, I wrote all of the songs, produced, recorded and mixed them as well. A lot of the producing took place in Chicago and then the recording took place over a month in Minnesota, writing happened all throughout. That’s kind of the reason it’s called Blue Line because I used to take the blue line train in Minneapolis and now I live off of the blue line here in Chicago in my first apartment. A couple friends of mine classified this EP as “bedroom/lo-fi/pop”. Really chill stuff that makes you think. I’m really excited, proud and just curious to see how people react to something that was purely made out of my feelings about relationships and being aware of yourself as well as the environments that we put ourselves in.


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