Punch: “Project Window” feat Kendrick Lamar


I love it.  Sometimes I wonder about the “younger generation”.  That’s still tough to say, since I’m still in my twenties and these guys are really just a few years younger than me.  But it seems like being in your early 20’s has changed.  The socially relevant, or politically driven music that was at the forefront, or at least sitting in the back with bigger seats when I was just hitting the venti’s has been marginalized a lot right now.  That’s why hearing this song by Punch and Kendrick Lamar just made me feel happy for Hip Hop.  Download “Project Window” below.  Shouts to 2DBZ.

Punch: “Project Window” feat Kendrick Lamar

[audio: http://rubyhornet.com/media/rh/music/punch_project_window_feat_kendrick_lamar.mp3|width=180]

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