Real T@lk: The Mo’ Better Mixtape


New mixtape from Chicago’s recent Unsigned Hype-er, Brandon “Real T@lk” Williams, entitled The Mo’ Better Mixtape.  Brandon explains the inspiration for the tape as:

“I came up with the title and album art based off of the Spike Lee Joint “Mo‘ Better Blues”(If you’ve not seen it, go see it! I’m a big Spike fan, he’s a great artist.) In a scene of the movie “Bleek Gilliam”(Denzel Washington) is with his lady “Clark Bentancourt” and she tells him to say something and he says “Let’s Make Love.” she tells him that that statement is invalid because they’re not officially together. He suggests that they do the “Mo‘ Better” (referring to sex/love making) and i translated this to my artistic ability and music intertwining and thus making “The Mo Better Mixtape” Furthermore those that have heard it, can’t place a name on the quality so you can simply call it “Mo‘ Better” than what you’ve previously heard.”  

Now that’s some real talk.  Grab it below as it also features upstarts Chris Mathien, Add-2, R.O.E., and more.

Real T@lk -The Mo’ Better Mixtape

2.Mo‘ Better Music (Produced by Matcy P)

3.The Television (Tell-Lie-Vision)
4.SoulFresh Anthem (Like Me) Produced by Choice Teflon
5.Basment Boogie/UMC/Hot Music
6.R.A.W./Shimmy Shimmy Ya (feat. Point Of View and Add-2)
7. Nerd (Produced by Authentik Made)
8.Let’s Go!/GreenLight
9.So Different (Produced by Authentik Made)
10.Sleepwalking (feat. Chris Mathien and DJ Honest Abe) Produced by Chris Mathien
11.Outta My Head (feat. George Jackson III) Produced by Authentik Made
12.Hip-HopPopTop40R&BUrbanContemporaryEasyListeningFunkLove (feat. George Jackson III)
Produced by Authentik Made
13.Meechie Hall Speaks
14.Let Em’ Know/You Can Do It Too
15.Wordsworth (feat. Roe) Produced by Authentik Made
16.Addicted (Produced by Authentik Made)
17. DJ D’Loose Speaks
18.A Little Bit (Produced by Authentik Made)
20.Ill Will Speaks
21.Bonus Track…Turn It Up (The Message) Produced by Authentik Made


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