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Review: Are The Migos Doing It for The Culture?

Migos Culture

The majority of the hip-hop community loves Migos. They are one of the few constants in rap music. Take Off, Offset and Quavo have dropped their official 2nd album, Culture and it’s definitely more than I expected.

Are Migos albums and mixtapes that different? No. However, I will say that the labeling of the “Mumble Rap Era” has forced some of your most hated artist to step up to a level that has made their music infectious and undeniable. The beats are hard. The words are clear; and there are even a few clever lines throughout Culture.

There are some true bangers on this album. “T-Shirt” “Get Right Witcha” and “Deadz” featuring 2 Chainz will stay on repeat. I expect all of these songs to be in every DJ’s playlist. We’re at the point where any DJ could do a 30 minute Migos set and that would be the highlight of the night. I’m sure “All Ass” is going to ring off in a lot of strip clubs this year. “Call Casting” is a dope joint. They bring the bars out on this one. Definitely in my top 3 on this project.

All the above  added with the Childish Gambino stamped “Bad and Boujee” equals the Migos running the clubs for another summer. It’s not a fluke. These guys are the “Turnt Gawds” of the game.

I was expecting DJ Khaled to say too much, but he gives just enough on the “Culture” intro. Guccie Mane makes a solid appearance on “Slippery”. It’s always good when Gucci works with the young guys he inspires.

We went from thinking “Versace” was pure trash to loving “Bad and Boujee”. Like it or not, Migos will be around for as long as they want to be. Quavo is becoming the front man, but to be honest, they will always be the ultimate example of strength in numbers. Migos are some of the prominent culture creators of this era. They talk the street life and the dope game like hundreds of our other favorite rappers. They also bring the turn up and hip-hop has been about rocking the party since Kool Herc was in the park. That is what hip-hop has always been about. Respect to Migos. Give Culture a chance.

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CamQuotes, originally of Freeport, IL is a content creator and media personality with a sincere passion for hip-hop culture. Cam’s resume includes hosting cyphers, luncheons, podcast and doing weekend shifts on Boom 102.9 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He also has his own hip-hop culture content brand,

Now back in the Chicago area, Cam is on a mission to get back in tune with the flourishing Chicago Hip-Hop scene and all the great people in it.

It’s a great opportunity to be working with a brand like Ruby Hornet. Ruby Hornet and J.R Bang are the reasons why I knew names like Chance The Rapper, Alex Wiley, Vic Mensa, Show You Suck and the Treated and Save Money Crew back in 2011-2012. I look forward to making that same level of impact now and in the future.

Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop

Look forward to CamQuotes being out and about in an effort to highlight all the positive efforts in Chicago Hip-Hop.



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