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[Review] RH In Concert: Chance The Rapper @ The Metro

rubyhornet mtv2 digitalfreshness 010 e1337614392841 [Review] RH In Concert: Chance The Rapper @ The Metro

With the critically-acclaimed #10Day ‘tape, a co-sign by Childish Gambino and multiple performances around the country, Chance The Rapper’s buzz is at an all-time high. That said, the Save Money representative proved this past Friday, that it’s just the beginning with the sky truly being the limit. The exclamation point coming in the form of a sold out Metro in just his second headlining show. Ever. More than 1,000 people from diverse ages and backgrounds squeezed into the Metro to catch #AcidRapLive.

The energy inside the venue was vivacious and kinetic from the start, with most people being “turnt” up hours before Chance even hit the stage. Milo & Otis did a great job opening the show as they played some material off their debut album The Joy. Even though the duo’s sound wasn’t necessarily what many people thought they would be listening to that evening, we were all grooving along to their smooth catalog, which included records such as “Ars Poetica”, “Black Sheep”, & “The Joy”. The set was highlighted by Milo’s heart-felt lyrics and melody, coupled with Otis’ ability to handle a variety of instruments almost effortlessly. We then saw Sir Michael Rocks jump on stage, quickly perform a couple of his latest hits and give a huge shout-out to Chance, embracing the movement that was clearly in full gear that night.

Once Sir Michael Rocks finished, Chano finally hit the stage and everyone inside the building immediately went berserk. He quickly took a moment to acknowledge the massive crowd that came to support him and started playing songs from #10Day as well as his forthcoming mixtape, AcidRap. In every track Chance delivered a dynamic performance and the fans fed-off it, returning the favor and jamming non-stop to joints like “Fuck You Tahm Bout”, “YOLO” & “Hey Ma”, which were the three tracks that received the biggest responses.  Nevertheless, the other joints were not far behind as fans sang along to every record. Special-guests made surprise appearances, enhancing the experience even more.

Lorine Chia came on and sang “Living In Vain” off her just dropped debut, Milo & Otis came back and performed “Light Up”, Alex Wiley ran through “Merry Christmas” & “Mo Purp” alongside Kembe X, and Vic Mensa did his verse on an amped-up version of “Family” all featuring an estatic Chance. We also saw a bunch of other Save Money cats do cameo appearances and wild out next to the man of the hour.

As an encore, Chano brought out his band, which included Lili K & Peter Cottontale, and finished the show with the fan-favorites “Hey Ma” and “Brain Cells”, ending the night perfectly in spite of most of us being exhausted from all the jumping and rapping. Chance was very thankful and humble for the event and showed appreciation to his family, homies and fans, which was in turned reciprocated with an extensive ovation. Needless to say we all left the building feeling like we had just witness history in the making, #AcidRapLive definitely was an incredible achievement by the young emcee and just one of many to come. Huge props to him and his whole crew.



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