[RH Events] Digital Freshness: Under 21 Edition

Digital Freshness

Normally we throw every Digital Freshness at Beauty Bar, and most times the night features a performance from a national act on the rise, as well as a Chicago-based artist ready to break out.  We take a lot of pride in selecting the Digital Freshness performers, and bringing the best acts that we can to Chicago.  I get hit up all the time by young artists asking to be put on the bill, and for a few reasons, I’m not able to really accommodate, especially since Beauty Bar is a 21 and up venue.  Also, in the past there just weren’t enough dope under 21 year-olds, and we’d already featured the best ones.  That’s been changing a lot over the last year and there is a now a whole new class of artists that can rock a crowd, but aren’t old enough to drink.  We’ve been hearing about these artists, posting their music, even hosting their projects.  It’s time to see what they got onstage, and we’re happy to announce the first under 21 edition of Digital Freshness happening March 27th at Reggie’s.  We linked up with Jugrnaut to select a great crop of artists for what I feel is a really dope lineup and will lead to an amazing show.

The show will feature a beat set from Thelonious Martin, plus performances from St. Millie, Calez, Legit, Kembe X, Caleb James, and Chance The Rapper. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of guest appearances since all these cats have extensive crews.  This is a celebration of youth in Hip Hop, and I’m sure this is going to be a special night.  Tickets are only $5, and the doors open at 7:00.  See the full flyer below.

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