RH First Look: Choo Jackson

RH First Look: Choo Jackson

As a young kid growing up in Pittsburgh during the Black And Yellow era, the success from artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller took my interest in rap music to a local community for the first time in my life. When exploring underground artists associated with these larger acts, Choo Jaskson was a name that popped up frequently. The Florida native, who relocated to Pittsburgh, has since been signed to Mac Miller’s label REMember Music.

After dropping several projects with REMember Music, and the collective project, FOREVERKOOL : BEFORE THE DIRT VOL. 1, Choo has surpassed millions of plays on Soundcloud. Below Choo’s latest tracks, I added our interview.

rubyhornet: Where does the name Choo Jackson come from?

Choo Jackson: Choo is my childhood nickname, a family name from my grandma.

rubyhornet: Favorite late night snack/food?

Choo Jackson: Favorite late night snack is probably just cereal . I’m trying to do better with the eating late shit.

rubyhornet: I see you have “Forever Kool” tatted on your hand. What can you tell us about ForeverKool Records?

Choo Jackson: Foreverkool records is an indie label I created with my best friends. Artist/producers and creatives. Muneykidstaxx, Phil 800k, Cadet, Bubba, Bradley, Brennan, and Christo as well. We’re trying to build the next indie label for the kid that couldn’t get a chance because they’re in a small town or just a weird situation you know.

rubyhornet: Do you plan on staying in Pittsburgh for the near future? As a Pittsburgh native myself, I know the music scene in the city has different opportunities/challenges than what one would experience living in LA or NYC.

Choo Jackson: Na I’m actually moving out of Pitt right now. In a few weeks I’ll be out. Going back to help my mother recover from a surgery she’s having. Help for a few months then make a move to the Atlanta area. And I’m actually not a Pittsburgh native I’m from Florida on the real, but I feel like Pitt embraced me so much I see why it can be confused. And yea it’s challenging, the scene here is growing though, and I’m apart of that. I’m just gonna expand it, and take it with me on my next chapter of life. Just as I did in Florida and Chambersburg, I bring my experience with me.

rubyhornet: What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you during a live performance/tour?

Choo Jackson: I think it was Orlando Florida. I was on The GO:OD AM tour with Mac. I’m performing and it’s so lit. The crowd is treating me like fucking Jimi Hendrix or something. Asking me to hit the weed from the crowd, so of course I took the blunt. Then someone says jump in the crowd. Mind you I’ve always been kinda heavy, and a running back in high school, so I didn’t think it was possible, at least for me. I FUCKING JUMP IN THE CROWD and they carry me all the way out like wtf .. yes! Finish my set. Hop off stage, walk back stage, then me and someone got into an argument and was about to fight. Chairs got thrown, I almost got kicked off the tour, haha shit was crazy .. real rockstar shit.

rubyhornet: What producers do you hope to link up with in the future? Between Christo and yourself, it appears like much of the production work is achieved locally.

Choo Jackson: Just Pharrell and Ye. I’ll let Cudi produce an album for me. And South Side. That’s my dream team, other then Christo and Muneykidstaxx. I’m really trying to keep it in the fam. But that’s my producer list, facts. And yea me and Christo do everything from beats, A&R, and picking all the songs, he’s really like my Chad Hugo. So we wanna keep the levels up, plus he killing shit with J.I.D.

rubyhornet: What should fans be on the lookout for during the rest of 2018?

Choo Jackson: What fans should expect from me is a lot of work. This is my Lil Wayne year. I’m gonna put out at big album, Called LYNN. And a slew of mixtapes, collab tapes, and EPs everywhere . So it’s on for everybody. It’s not safe for anyone.

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