First Look: City Haze

City Haze out of Brooklyn/The South Bronx has been picked as an emcee to watch by a couple online tastemakers. The aspiring artist reached out to RH and invited us to take a look for ourselves. We liked what we saw, and want to share a bit with you. In this RH First Look, City Haze drops some knowledge about his track, “Brooklyn Streets” (listen below), the meaning behind his name, and his future plans…We see you City!

On “Brooklyn Streets”:
The name of the track explains it all. In the beginning of the song you hear a sample that gives you that snowy New York scene, and as the piano keys rolls in you can feel the strength of the sound just running through you. Me & another underground artist decided to collaborate on this track and respresent where we came from. When you think of Brooklyn, the first things that come to mind are the Hustle & Struggle, basically we’re just giving the people an overlook on what goes on under that Brooklyn Bridge.

What’s In A Name?:
Being from New York (City) dudes use to always say, “Yo that kid is gonna be the future of Hip Hop & New York” so I took that into consideration & used (City) to the best of my advantage. Haze was a name that was given to me by friends I hang out with. If you buy a bag of (Haze) in the streets, hustlers refer to it as “that fire” so basically I just put the two together (City Haze).

On The Future:
Right now I’m working on my 1st project “City Lane” which is sounding real serious so far. The project will be done and out sometime this year. This being my first project I will definitely take my time with it and make sure that when it leaves out the gate it will make a strong impact on the Hip Hop scene.

Alexander Fruchter

Original co-founder of RubyHornet. President of Closed Sessions

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