[RH Interview] ADot

[RH Interview] ADot

I had the pleasure of sitting down with ADot yesterday while he was back in town from LA. For those of you who are not familiar, ADot is a Chicago born rapper with a few short projects out. He is well known for his hazy instrumentals and deep smooth vocals. Check out a few questions below I pulled from our Interview!

rubyhornet: Pusha T or Drake?

ADot: Drake, everyone listens to Drake. As soon as he puts out new material, everyone who’s hating on him now, will be back listening to him. Drake is winning regardless.

rubyhornet: Thoughts on the new Ye Album?

ADot: I like the last song, “Violent Crimes.” I listened to it coming back from LA, but Kanye really lost me with all that Trump shit.

rubyhornet: What should our readers know about ADot?

ADot: I’m not a clout chaser. I would rather move like a ghost than be in the headlines. I make music, but I don’t really care about all that other shit.

rubyhornet: Where does your name come from?

ADot: I used to play a lot of Gears of War in high school, where I was in a group called Ace League. KDot was also popping at the time. My name is Armani, so all of those factors combined led to my name.

rubyhornet: Tell us about your tattoos.

ADot: I have the moon on my finger and face. Usually I write and record my music at night. My old room had a nice view of the moon, and something about it is aesthetically pleasing to me. I also had trouble sleeping a lot. The playboy bunny tattoo, I also have on my face, is because they’re one of my favorite logos. I used to buy so much Supreme and they always collaborated.

rubyhornet: Relationship with Lyrical Lemonade?

ADot: I shot a video with Cole Bennett in 2013/2014. It was one of his first videos. Lil Jake hosted a few of my tracks. All of those guys are cool as hell. They look out for the people they started working with in the beginning. I recently did a shoot for them where I got the Lyrical Lemonade hoodie I’m wearing now.

rubyhornet: Where does the Mac Demarco influence come from?

ADot: “Another One” is one my favorite songs by him. The synths sound like I’m playing a spacey arcade video game. I play a lot of videos games. I like being alone a lot, or with my girlfriend. Being around people all the time is draining.

rubyhornet: Favorite video games?

ADot: Fortnite, Bloodborne, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts, and a lot of RPGS. MW2 will always be the best Call of Duty, but the newer Call of Duties are kind of trash now.

rubyhornet: Who’s in your playlist right now?

ADot: Gunna, Young Thug, Juice WLRD, Lucki, and then my homies Lerado, Freako, Kush, and myself.

rubyhornet: What should fans be on the lookout for?

ADot: A lot of videos. The “Heartattack” video for sure. Along with experimenting with new sounds.

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