[RH Interview] TreeJay Speaks On Music & Growing Up With Mac Miller

[RH Interview] TreeJay Speaks On Music & Growing Up With Mac Miller

TreeJay, a well known associate of Mac Miller, who runs his YouTube channel, produces beats, and hosts an annual 4/20 project, chopped it up with us. The Pittsburgh born stoner has hosted projects with the likes of, Dave East, Juicy J, and of course Mac Miller appearing on them. Check out our full interview with TreeJay below.


rubyhornet: Before we dive in, what are your thoughts on the XXL lineup that came out the other day?

TreeJay: I really like JID, I think he’s very talented. Also some homies from Pittsburgh (Zeke & Barry) help him out so I gotta support the hometown homies. Besides JID, I honestly haven’t listened to much of the other artists music, but congratulations to everyone that made the list.

rubyhornet: For any of our readers who aren’t familiar with TreeJay, who is TreeJay?

TreeJay: I’d like to say I’m a productive stoner ha. I got the nickname TreeJay from a kid in high school (Obviously because I smoke a lot). I made videos called “High Eyes” on YouTube back in the day of me smoking.

rubyhornet: How did you and Mac Miller first meet?

TreeJay: In grade school, I was a couple grades above him but we went to the same elementary school. Really started kicking it I’d say my junior / his freshman year.

rubyhornet: The amount of attention that you and your friends started receiving dramatically took off 8/9 years ago. Was there a “tipping point” or a special moment that you realized what was about to happen?

TreeJay: I remember Mac coming back to the homies crib from the studio back in the day. He had just recorded a jam and the verses and the hook were super fire for back then. That’s just when I knew it was all going to workout. I’ve always had faith, but that was the moment I was like yeah this is definitely happening.

rubyhornet: Your Sound Cloud has been pretty quiet for the past 2 years. Do you still produce beats/plan on releasing more in the future?

TreeJay: Funny you ask that, I’ve been working and trying to get better at making beats. I’m actually about to start uploading new content either today or the next few days. Really excited to get back to putting beats out. I still want to drop a little beat tape at some point.

rubyhornet: Most memorable experience while on tour?

TreeJay: I really can’t pin-point just one thing. There’s been a ton of cool moments. From hanging out with Juicy J, seeing Mac in the studio with Bun B. Watching Ja Rule come out and perform a couple hits, it’s been a fun adventure.

rubyhornet: Do you have anything planned for the 10th anniversary of your 4/20 tape series?

TreeJay: I have a few ideas, I’d love to do some type of Apple Music release. Would also love to have a listening party in Pittsburgh or LA. I’d rather do it in Pittsburgh, but with these new weed lounges coming to LA that sounds like the move.

rubyhornet: If you could have a conversation with yourself 10 years ago from today, what would you say?

TreeJay: To soak up all the knowledge that I can. Keep my ears and eyes open. Make sure I network a lot better. And to just enjoy life.

rubyhornet: Anyone you’d like to shoutout?

TreeJay: Shoutout Ruby Hornet! Also check out this artist from Pittsburgh her name is Sierra Sellers. She’s gonna be the next wave I’m calling it now!

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