[RH Photos] The Space Migration Tour in Austin

[RH Photos]  The Space Migration Tour in Austin

Photos by: Virgil Solis

After dropping his second full length album Watching TV with the Sound Off, Mac Miller hit the road with Chicago’s Chance the Rapper and kicking off his Space Migration Tour at a sold out show at Emo’s in Austin, TX. Having just missed Chance’s come up in Chicago, I was really looking forward to seeing his live show for the first time. Acid Rap by far is one of this year’s best projects put out and a mixtape I’ve listened to non-stop since it dropped. Chance came out with a fury, and the audience sang along and cheered for him, returning the same energy back in the process. He performed some crowd favorites like “Pusha Man,” “Juice,” and some classics from his first mixtape, #10Day.

After a quick set change, Mac was ready to hit the stage. The all ages crowd was so hyped from Chance’s set that they were hungry for Mac. Miller came out in a floral print fit and rocked the crowd from the get-go. You can see why both of these acts are on the road together as they have loyal fan bases that know the words to all of their music. After an hour or so, Mac was still going strong with no signs of letting up. I was at hand with Bobby Reys and shot some photos of the two which you can see below.

Virgil Solis

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