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[RH Premiere] Bago: “Remember” (prod. Alexander Spit)

[RH Premiere] Bago: “Remember” (prod. Alexander Spit)

bago remember rhpremiere [RH Premiere] Bago: Remember (prod. Alexander Spit)

Photo by Natalia Mantini

I heard Bago’s haunting voice for the first time when I was doing research for my First Look interview with Alexander Spit. She had just dropped her record “Dr. Lock“, produced by Spit, and I was interested in the connection between the two. I brought it up in the interview and Alex explained that the singer/song writer had been referred to him by a good friend, but “had never recorded anything before, she had just been singing her whole life, but had never written a song, never recorded anything just cause she’d never had the opportunity to.” Like so many working relationships in the music industry, theirs started by chance.

Now flash to the current; after knowing and working with each other for a few years, the two have a Sunday’s Best in the pipline.  The project is entirely produced by Spit and is set for an August 21st release date. “Remember” is the first official single off of the album, brought to you exclusively by RH. Covering The Shangri-Las 1964 hit “Remember (Walking In The Sand)“, Bago’s soulful chords breathe a different life into the song as well as pay homage to the classic hit. Taking the Queens bred Shangri-Las’ hit to the West Coast, she gives us a strong performance over Spit’s re-envisioned take on the production.

Listen below and tell your friends, because Bago’s name will be in more places that you can count by the end of the year.  Also keep Alexander Spit on your radar, who will be dropping A Breathtaking Trip EP in the coming months, the follow-up to his These Long Strange NightsLook for more content from RH on Bago in the near future and make sure to grab Sunday’s Best on August 21st.



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