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[RH Premiere] Jarred A.G.: “George Jefferson Moves”

[RH Premiere] Jarred A.G.: “George Jefferson Moves”

george jefferson moves top [RH Premiere] Jarred A.G.: George Jefferson Moves

Artwork by RH’s Charles Farr

Putting forth a strong portfolio of work over the last few months, Jarred A.G.’s latest track “George Jefferson Moves” further enhances his body of work. A.G. has worked extensively with rising producer Smoko Ono, who is coincidentally his little brother and a frequent Supreme Regime collaborator. The two worked together on what is Jarred’s most impressive release to date,  “Risk” featuring fellow Chicago rhymer Scheme. Today’s premiere “George Jefferson Moves” sports a cool and mellow vibe that matches a laid back flow, as Jarred goes off about his personal motivation and drive as he sees himself “movin’ on up” through American society. A fitting theme seeing as how the track will be included on his upcoming American Stepchild project. Listen and download the track below and look out for more from both brothers on RH.



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