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[RH Premiere] Julian Malone: “7Milli”

[RH Premiere] Julian Malone: “7Milli”

ju 1024x682 [RH Premiere] Julian Malone: 7Milli

Julian Malone had a new video slated for an RH premiere. He hit me up today saying that the final video wasn’t up to his standards and that he was just going to release the song. That’s an important lesson for any artist to learn, so props on that. Anyway, we do have the new record though, “7Mili”, which is a short and sweet freestyle over “Good Lawd”, a cut from Kembe X.  Malone explains the record.

“I gave Kembe this beat last winter to make a song over. Him, Wiley & Calez made “Good Lawd” out of it. The song did pretty good but I always wanted to throw some rhymes of my own over it. So to get the original track more attention as well as rap on it myself, I came with this one. It’s really just some mixtape vibe shit. Diff.Rnt will be a slight mix of me making full length songs over my own production and me rapping on a couple fav. industry beats. The mixtape is dropping very soon and I have alot of stuff in store. Big announcements soon. More new music videos, merch, Collaborations, etc. I’m working.”

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