[RH Premiere] Kevin Coval: “Hipster Blogs Wave Their True Colors”

Chief Keef

Chief Keef

Chief Keef’s effect on the media was like something rarely seen. Without releasing a proper album, accumulating a long discography, or even leaving his house, Chief Keef was able to command attention from local Hip Hop blogs, Chicago newspapers, national sites, even those that don’t normally cover Hip Hop music and culture.  The coverage ran the gambit from praiseworthy to demonizing, and everything in between with some outlets drawing ire for taking Chief Keef to a gun range and serving the teenager so much weed that he forgot his lyrics.  I wrote a couple times about my frustrations with the way Keef has been dealt with in the media.

Kevin Coval tackles that issue as well in his forthcoming book, “more shit Chief Keef don’t like”, a book of poetry focusing on Chief Keef and the problems within Chicago’s that his rise to fame exposes.  The poem is title “Hipster Blogs Show Their True Colors”, and it is available below as an RH premiere.  Read it below, and look for the book to be released October 18th.

Hipster Blogs Wave Their True Colors

critics never look in a mirror, (clearly)
tight yellow pants and a tshirt
w/ some animal or poindexter
button up. a clown propeller hat
all that’s missing.
they took Keef to a gun range
they tape Keef getting blunted
a teenager on parole
a post-traumatic stress syndrome
survivor from the murder capital
they take to a gun range
it’s the only time
they’ve ever seen iron.
their whole lives
a vacation. an eternal retweet
a side joke and haha, Keef is a deposit for
their class and race hysteria
their middle brow(n) snobbery
their rapgenius mockery
their (neo)liberal art degrees
their fake
in sheep clothes
if sheep wore
their little brothers’ pajamas.
hipsters are the new yuppies
here to gentrify the block
here to fake over the hood
on start-up capital
from their parents.

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