[RH Video Premiere] Netherfriends: “Summer Sex” (feat. Auggie the 9th)

[RH Video Premiere] Netherfriends: “Summer Sex” (feat. Auggie the 9th)

This week has been a hot one all across the country. It’s hard not to step outside without becoming a moist mess. All of that sweat and dirt isn’t a good look. But hey, why fight the weather when you can throw some sexual shenanigans into the mix? The aptly titled “Summer Sex” by recent music sensation and Pitchfork alumni Netherfriends and rap game superstar Auggie the 9th was featured on the former’s hip hop album, New CHI-t.

The two teamed up with video vet (and LOD brother) FragD films to deliver a music video that definitely won’t help with the heat. Glimpses of tantalizing, soft-focused lady silhouettes are contrasted by side profiles of Auggie and Netherfriends as they vocalize their support for some summer sex. This is one of FragD films’ best videos to date.

The video drops just in time for Pitchfork goers to prepare for the weekend and sweaty couples to get even sweatier.  Don’t fight the heat; just give into the most carnal of desires and let Auggie the 9th’s and Netherfriends’ smooth melodies and deep baritones be your soundtrack for the moment…s.



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