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[RH Video Premiere] Calez: “B.S.O.A.T”


zalez e1352745985509 [RH Video Premiere] Calez: B.S.O.A.T

Today we a proud to premiere the newest visual from #2008ighites member Calez, as his an the team prepare to strike again as we near the new year.  Today’s release  “B.S.O.A.T” (Brokest song of all time), sees Calez and the crew lurking around Stewert & Olglesby avenue in this clean, blue tinted visual. One thing I continually enjoy about #2008ighities is their determination to get out their message, in their specific manner, never taking no for an answer. Shot & chopped by the team, “B.S.O.A.T” is off the upcoming Broke Ass Nigga Game project, #TooBrokeTape which is due before the new year and will lead into Calez’s next solo project. Hippie Sabotage on the beat, #2008ighties is the team. Hit the jump to watch the video, as well as information from Calez on the pure meaning of the song, and how he linked linked with Hippie Sabotage in the first place.

“Hippie Sabotage and I have been working on music for a minute. They started sending me shit back when I dropped “Middle Finger.” This type of beat is really not what they usually send me usually its some glorious ass shit I can’t explain until you hear what we’ve been cooking up. But it was perfect for me to get on some shit like this and just do what the fuck I felt. Making this song off the #TooBrokeTape I asked the homies can they send me some turn up shit and they actually killed it. The song is saying more than we broke, its about prospering through it. Our team makes the most out of what we have. My mission when I made this song is to not make being broke seem fun, but make the people that are (like me) more comfortable, niggas dont got to flex 24/7, keep shit real. The music will make more sense when you get the #TooBrokeTape possibly dropping before New Years. I do this for my Chicago people from low end to the burbs its all love you know, and if niggas can’t get with it I gives no fuck haha.”




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