Rich Jones – Mothman

Chicago’s hardest working emcee Rich Jones is back with his paranormal themed single “Mothman”. Over a stripped down beat with a subtle bass line Jones displays his storytelling skills; Jones has always had a propensity for honoring the more under appreciated elements of MCing. Telling the story of the Chicago mothman who doesn’t get the widespread acclaim that other supernatural legends such as Freddie Krueger or Jason Voorhees receive, Rich paints the moth-like figure as a hometown hero. Big enough to mean something but not too big for its britches.

The song was recorded and mixed at Fat Tongue Studios by Joel Gutman and produced by Fess Grandiose & Nunca Duerma. As we approach Halloween and get deeper into the fall season sightings of “Mothman” are only going to go up. Educate yourself now on the creature by listening above and be ready for more music from the always hustling Rich Jones.


He Put The Pussy On The Chainwax!!!