Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” Video is Bananas

I think I’ve hit the point where I’m officially tired of Rihanna’s career trajectory. Seemingly more and more, her sound is dictated by her record company. Her evolution into this faux “trap princess” is definitely a far cry from the Rihanna that cried out for help in “SOS” all those years ago or the one that claimed she was “so hard” in “Hard.” Her last album wasn’t as bad – it had the slick production her latest album clearly will not have.

I guess I’ll wait to pass further judgment until we see release of her eighth album in full, until then here’s the crazy video for her second single “Bitch Better Have My Money.” Directed by Megaforce (who also once directed Madonna’s weird video for “Gimme All Your Lovin”) and Rihanna herself, the video sees a criminally angry Rihanna torture her accountant, kidnap a naked woman, and show off her boobs while covered in money and blood. It’s absolutely bonkers. Mads Mikkelson even makes an appearance for some reason. I’d kill to have that money gun he uses.

As for the track itself, it’s fine. I prefer “American Oxygen’s” sound, however. Check out the video for “Bitch Better Have My Money” below.

Nick Valdez

Nick Valdez is a second rate beauty queen who's dreaming of the bar scene. From graduating college, finding Bigfoot (by taking off his shoes), to writing about movies, he's been looking for that one special thing. Or cute girls. Whatever comes first, really.

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