Ruby Hornet Weekly Playlist Volume 2

Ruby Hornet Weekly Playlist Volume 2

Our favorite songs from the last week or so that we didn’t get a chance to cover:

1. Dabrye Feat. Guilty Simpson – Tunnel Vision

A synth led musical trip with some bars on top.

2. Chuck Strangers Ft. Joey Badass – Style Wars

A gritty track with longing lyrics of times past, Strangers and Badass approach the beat with a calm collected delivery.

3. YGTUT Ft. Isaiah Rashad – Trill Dreams

Although technically not a new song, Trill Dreams is an absolutely perfect cut for blasting in the whip, and it was recently freed from YGTUT’s vault.

4. Kembe X – Goofass

Kembe is on his lyrical shit, calling out the goofys of the industry, he tears apart the slow paced production like a rabid dog.

5. God – God-Right Now

An impressive lyrical display from God, he wields a confident delivery that instantly grabs the listeners attention.

6. Human – Alive

An aggressive demeanor and witty punchlines put over a dirty beat.

7. Eliana – All4U

A beautiful voice, a great rhythm section, and great song arrangement from singer Eliana.

8. Papi Beatz – Saturday Night Fevers

An honest hardrock/punk ballad, Papi Beatz really impresses with a barebones production and solid mic presence.


He Put The Pussy On The Chainwax!!!