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Rumor: Has AMC ordered a Preacher pilot?

AMC’s mad to find the right kind of water cooler show to replace Breaking Bad and to eventually replace Mad Men, which will be ending after a final season split into two parts. If the ever-churning rumor mill is to be believed, AMC may be toying with the idea of adapting the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon comic book epic Preacher, the Southern-fried tale of a hard-travelling former preacher, his hitman girlfriend, and their Irish vampire drinking buddy as they go across America looking for an absent God to bring him to account for his abandoned creation. Seth Rogen may be involved in some capacity, thanks to two tweets from earlier on Saturday (here’s the first, here’s the second). Arseface and Saint of Killers are two Preacher side characters, while the lead character has an inner voice personified by John Wayne. The comic has long been considered one of the finest stories in the medium, offering a searing glance at religion and extremism in the same arena as a visual gag at an orgy involving someone’s whole fist inside a pint of chocolate ice cream. Hey kids, comics!

AMC may be the best place on television, save HBO, for a comic book like Preacher. AMC’s shown they have the chutzpah for more extreme subject matter in Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Preacher is a violent, complex affair that could very easily be the network’s Next Big Thing with the right people manning the tiller. Seth Rogen is evidently a big fan, and if he’s indeed involved in a heavy capacity, his combination of Hollywood clout and nerd pride may be exactly what Preacher needs to see an adaptation.

[Via Indiewire]



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