[Audio] Rush Limbaugh Breaks Down “99 Problems”

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh took President Barack Obama to task for allowing Jay-Z to perform “99 Problems” at a large campaign rally on Monday in Ohio.  Rush was most appalled because Jay switched up the lyrics, replacing “bitch” with “Mitt”.  The clip has gone viral, featuring Rush criticizing both “Mr. Z” and Barack Obama, even reciting the first four bars of “99 Problems” for his unfamiliar listeners.

The clip is hilarious because the first four bars of “99 Problems” are meant to be read and criticized by people exactly like Rush Limbaugh.  He pretty much treats himself.  In addition, he goes to great lengths to explain the way in which Jay-Z replaced the word “bitch” with “Mitt”, therefore making a tongue in cheek reference to Mitt Romney in fact being a bitch.  Based on his detailed explanation, and the way in which he read the words, it is apparent that Rush is a fan of the classics. And, as a purveyor of poetry (most likely with a glass of scotch), Rush was thinking as he read those last few words… ‘damn.  That’s actually pretty darn good.”

Listen to the clip below.

PS. Rush is real racist. Fuck that dude.


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