Sen Morimoto – “People Watching”

Sen Morimoto – “People Watching”

Sorry for the slow-down in posting. I was in Peru.

I’ve been hearing Sen Morimoto’s name here and there over the last couple years, but have not cross-paths yet with the Massachusetts transplant. I hope that changes soon, as I’ve been enjoying all the drops from his forthcoming Cannonball! LP (and I want to ask him if the title is “Anchorman” inspired). Today he blessed us with a new cut, “People Watching”. Clocking in at over 6-minutes, it certainly carries visions of Ron Burgundy on the jazz flute, not as directly sonically (it is Sen on the sax), as much as a improv-vibe with the song unfolding calmly as Sen rhymes about various definitions of effort and the DIY spirit. Multiple listens are most definitely in order, and there is enough in this track that listeners will find something new each time.

Listen below, and get ready for the full album dropping May 4th (also my bday).

Alexander Fruchter

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