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ShowYouSuck Added To Yelawolf’s Slumerican Tour


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Today ShowYouSuck brings you the recap video from his House of Blues Chicago performance last Wednesday, opening for Yelawolf during his Slumerican Tour. After a very live performance from Show and company last Wednesday, Today we are extremely proud to announce that ShowYouSuck has been added to the Slumerican Tour. After ShowYouSuck, Auggie the 9th & DJ Manny Muscles completed their high-energy performance, Yelawolf himself asked that they be the supporting act for the rest of the Slumerican Tour. ShowYouSuck and his team the crew will leave this weekend to complete shows on the Slumerican Tour in: Northampton, MA; Boston, MA; Brooklyn, NY; New Haven, CT. One Man Pizza Party 3: Rest In Pizza coming soon. Shouts to Show and the team, this is well-deserved and is only the beginning. Hit the jump for the recap video, while you East Coasters get ready & cop your tix here !



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