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ShowYouSuck: #OMPP3 Release Date, Track list & Cover Art


SYS RESTPIZZA FRONT 1024x1024 ShowYouSuck:  #OMPP3 Release Date, Track list & Cover Art

Artwork by Greg & Fake

We’ve been rocking with ShowYouSuck for a long time, ever since he first came onto the scene accompanied by a lonely dude with a mullet that was forced to have his own One Man Pizza Party.  The mixtape and the mullet both took on a life of their own, and on December 7th, ShowYouSuck will release the third and final installment of the mixtape, Rest In Pizza.  Today we are happy to present the album artwork, track list, and some words from Show about his newest release.

“This is more of an enhancement on things that were present on 1 & 2. It’s a little more of a narrative. It actually follows the course, the skits follow this too, of dude eating himself to death off pizza…The album is broke up into sections. Sort of like Act I, II, etc,” ShowYouSuck said about the new project.

“The songs are a lot more layered, heavier, for lack of a better term musical. A lot more mixing went into this one. Not only Mike Jaxx, but Jeff from Classic came in and helped as well,” he continued. “This album has a lot of callbacks. Things that I mention in different songs over and over again. It’s sort of like a chronicle of what my favorite things we’re at the time.”

As mentioned above, the mixtape will be released on December 7th, dropping via rubyhornet and MTVHive.  See the track list below.

SYS RESTPIZZA BACK 1024x1024 ShowYouSuck:  #OMPP3 Release Date, Track list & Cover Art

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