Interview Excerpt: Sir Michael Rocks on Chicago Hip Hop

Sir Michael Rocks

Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids is our special guest at this week’s Digital Freshness, on the cusp of the release of his first solo mixtape, a looming proper LP, and the long-awaited release of The Cool Kids debut, When Fish Ride Bicycles. In connection to the all the happenings, our own Sean CK spoke with Sir Michael Rocks in-depth about the new music, his solo work vs. The Cool Kids music, as well as Chicago unity. The interview will be released later today, but here is what Rocks had to say about the changing of the windy city’s scene, which has become more collaborative and open in recent years.


“I feel like it took some folks reaching that success, and then for them to come back to the city and still kick it to bring that vibe to the city. You know what I’m saying? Not taking anything away from them, but when Common, Kanye, Lupe and them blew up, they kind of disappeared from the city. You never saw them after that. So it’s kind of like they weren’t really in the local Chicago scene anymore. Now with people like Chuck, myself, Hollywood, Mano and couple more cats who were making noise in Chicago a couple years ago, we were still always in the city, chilling at the same spots we always did, even though we were poppin. Hitting the same parties, and chilling with the same people we been with before we blew, so there is not that disconnect,” Rocks said before continuing.

“And then I feel like after that, other artists in the city took notice and were like, “Dang they getting it poppin and they’re still in the city, let’s go over here and see what’s up.” Like that attracted the LEP’s, Project Mayhem’s, and everyone came together. And it’s actually a real cool thing how everyone came to together, linking up as one and everyone started f**kin’ with each other. It’s important to make sure your home still knows this is your home. You don’t want to disappear all the way from the crib, it’s kind of discouraging when that happens man, cause you feel like you half to leave to get it poppin. You feel like you can’t do it from home, but you really can! You want your city on your back; you want your home behind you, before anybody. You know what I mean? I feel like once everyone saw you could get it poppin in Chicago and still be here, and be cool, then that’s when everyone started messing with each other, and everybody let their guard down and wanted to make some dope s**t.”

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