SpaceGhostPurrp: “Whole Latta Icee”

Date: 11.12.2012 by RH Staff|Posted in: Music 0 Comments

spaceghostpurrpev SpaceGhostPurrp: Whole Latta Icee

Miami rapper and Raider Klan member SpaceGhostPurrp dropped part of his track “Whole Latta Icee” through his twitter yesterday. Purrp’s highly-anticipated N.A.S.A. Tape, Vol. 2 was supposed to drop on Halloween, but Raider Klan fans have been held in suspense for the past two weeks. Listen to the track below and, if Purrp’s song is any indication, don’t worry about him and a certain pretty motherfucker from New York named Rakim.

Guest blog by Jack Zurier