Spring Breakers Sequel Coming with Spun Director, Trainspotting Writer

Spring break forever, indeed. It’s been awhile since Spring Breakers was buzzing, but the most divisive film of 2013 is one nobody could easily forget. Even a full year after I saw it at SXSW 2013, I still chuckle at Alien’s ridiculousness and have fond memories of the oftentimes over-sexualized nature of the main girls. Then again, could you really blame me? Above the surface level of the film, I really enjoyed what writer/director Harmony Korine accomplished with the film with his ability to properly characterize the overabundant nature of spring break into a proper film, so much so that it appeared on my Top 10 Films of 2013 list. With a film as complete as Spring Breakers, it would be ridiculous to create a sequel to it, right?

…apparently not, as it’s being reported that a sequel to the film, entitled Spring Breakers: The Second Coming, is being developed. While any notion of a Spring Breakers sequel, especially one lacking involvement from Korine and presumably the rest of the cast, seems like a straight-to-video cash grab, two key figures involved with the production may actually swing favor for the film. Spun director Jonas Akerlund is set to direct the film based on a script by Trainspotting writer Irving Welsh.

Spring Breakers: The Second Coming‘s sparse plot is described as “the Spring Breakers doing battle with an extreme militant Christian sect that attempts to convert them.” The idea is very questionable, but buoyed by a very talented writer/director duo. The real question thus remains: Why keep this under the Spring Breakers name and not its own thing entirely? Wild Bunch, the studio behind the film, has intentions of selling it at Cannes this year, and pitching it as a spiritual (though no direct) sequel to Spring Breakers may help based off of name recognition alone, but I feel like keeping it under such a title will pigeonhole the film. We’ll see how this one turns out over the next few weeks as Cannes begins shortly.

[via The Film Stage]

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