Straight From The Studio: Love, Life, & Loyalty

Love Life and Loyalty

I wasn’t exactly sure what to call this post.  I was gonna say Love Life & Loyalty track list, but that’s kind of boring.  Plus I didn’t want to give out the whole album order just yet… But at tonight’s listening party for GLC’s long-awaited debut album, Love Life & Loyalty, the cat will be out of the bag, so I thought I’d put something up for a quick post before hitting Rosh Hashanah services for a while…

On a random Friday in July, July 23rd as indicated above, I unexpectedly sequenced GLC’s debut LP.  I’ve done many mixtapes, but never arranged a proper album.  That night at the studio I called GLC and walked him through the new order, and his simple reply was “I love it.”  True story, he had already turned in a copy to EMI with a different order, and had them change to this new one because of how it flowed and the reasons why certain tracks were put together. I’ve known GL for a long time and have seen his album really develop.  It was great seeing him work so hard on it, and to be able to arrange the album is something I’ll always hold special… Above is the first ever copy of the LP, signed by SoundScape’s Michael Kolar.  Hit the jump to get a glimpse of the track list.

Love Life and Loyalty

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