Stream Tatiana Hazel’s Latest Releases “Sí o No”

Chicago’s favorite alt-pop star Tatiana Hazel is back with the release of her latest single “Sí o No”. The track is driven by a classic Latin pop drum part and a punchy bass line underneath Tatiana’s trademark vocals. Tatiana is an artist that is able seamlessly switch from English to Spanish but there’s something about her Spanish songs that turns the energy up a notch from her English music. This ability to code-switch comes from growing up with Spanish as her first language in Chicago, an experience that you can hear in her music.

When asked what the inspiration for the song was she said, “I wanted to create a song that made women feel powerful, while also singing a melody that everyone can dance to. Musically, it was really cool working on this song with producers Stefan Ponce and Papi Beatz because I usually produce all of my Spanish music myself so it was dope having their input and energy in the room while writing.”

Stream “Sí o No” below


Stephen Kaplan