Striking Black and White Portraits of Animals in Captivity

Photos by Lukas Holas

“Animals are a matter of my heart.”… This is the only description Czech photographer Lukas Holas has provided for his series titled Portraits of Animals. The series is compiled of striking black and white portraits of animals in captivity, showcasing each animal’s individuality.

Outside from Holas’ short description, we know that although this set appears to be in studio, Trend Hunter informs that the photos were actually taken at a local Czech zoo. The photographer is claimed to have used black and white photography to extract each animal from it’s depressing state of captivity. In looking through the eyes of each animal, whether it’s a lion, bird, hippo or zebra, there’s an essence of majesty and nobility.

Find some of our favorites here, and find more to view or purchase at Holas’ Fine Arts America page by clicking here.

[Via PetaPixel]

Angela E. Mejia

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