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The Bassment Closes Its Doors

The Bassment

the bassment The Bassment Closes Its Doors

On Friday afternoon, Shabazz of the Bassment sent out an email signaling the closing of the store, and the start of the next chapter in his life.  The Bassment has been a great spot for the city’s Hip Hop scene since 2002. They’ve hosted several events and in-stores that allowed people to build, and were one of the few stores that stocked nearly every Hip Hop release.  They were the only store in the city to pick up our Closed Sessions: ATX release.  I’m sad to see the Bassment go, but excited to see what all involved do next. The Bassment will be closing at the end of December, and will celebrate their decade in the game on January 11th at The Shrine with a special performance from Rakim.  Peep Shabazz’s letter below.

Hello, this is Shabazz, owner and founder of The Bassment, I would like to take this time to send out a personal message to you.

I am sorry to say but The Bassment will be closing its doors once and for all. After ten years of business I’m ready to move on to new and exciting ventures in my life.  It seems like just yesterday when I first opened my doors back in 2002.  I was a 20 year old DJ, and all I had was a credit card and a dream. I had a hunger for music and being involved in the Chicago Hip Hop scene. I wanted to do my part as a supporter of the culture, but also as an entrepreneur. From hosting MC battles, putting out mixtapes, to selling peoples music on my shelves, my store become a national staple for Chicago music. I would get flown out to cities like LA and New York by record executives giving them my opinion on the music. I’ve been extremely blessed and looking back to those days it was an honor to have played such a critical roll in the industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me made it this far. I feel a decade in business is a great run and outlasted many other retail outlets. I am lucky to have been the only store in the country that truly represented Hip Hop culture.   Thank you for the wonderful years you have given me.   Nothing lasts forever, and all great things must come to an end…until next time, and as always PEACE LOVE AND HIP HOP.

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Alexander Fruchter (DJ RTC) is a lifelong hip-hop head, writer, DJ, & former EIC of Ruby Hornet. He currently works at the indie label & management firm, Closed Sessions, and teaches music business & marketing at Columbia College.



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