The Come Up: Chicago Artists To Watch In 2013


Julian Malone

A couple of weeks ago we posted David Newman’s list of the top rappers in Chicago for the year-ending 2012.  This was not a list created or endorsed by rubyhornet, and we said thus in the article.  Following the post, we got hit with a lot of tweets, emails, and comments surrounding the list in question. Some thought that we made it up, others agreed with our questions as to its credibility, and others demanded that we create our own.  In the last couple weeks, we decided to put together a proper response to highlight the emerging and established talent in our city, but felt that one list of “the best rappers” wouldn’t really be fair, or even doable.  There are a tremendous amount of talented artists in the windy city right now, but they exist at totally different points in their respective careers and accomplishments.

With that in mind we put together The Come Up: Chicago Artists To Watch In 2013, a collection of artists that are poised to lead Chicago’s scene in the year to come.  This isn’t a “who’s the best” type of list, or really a list at all.  It’s a feature that we put together that highlights the artists that really hit the scene in 2012, and if they continue at this pace, will be where artists like YP, Rockie, Chance, King L, Tree, and several OG’s are at right now.  These are artists who are in really good positions, and are really talented.  They may have dropped a project or two, or could be solely known for guest appearances and loose tracks.  The thing they all share is a great opportunity to excel in 2013 with hard work, a humble approach, and consistent quality music.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, that’s great. You will soon.

We selected 15 artists to profile in this feature, with a final page full of others that are promising but still have a little ways to go.  Hit the next page to read up on each artist, and see who made The Come Up.  Check back later this week for more year-end wrap-ups.

-Compiled by Sean CK and Alexander Fruchter

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About Sean CK

About Sean CK

  • GodDamnGram

    song for bitches/lordy lord/ gawdspeed Where ibn inglor on that list?

  • Traffick

    You got a lot of nice upstarts on the list. However, I really am bored to death with swag rap. It’s just overkill at this point and I think the masses are going to want something different in 2013. It was a cool trend for a bit but now shit is just redundant.

    • Beach Squad

      I.e The Palmer Squares are what this list needs

  • tony

    No love for the Palmer Squares?

  • Emily

    Is there really not a single female artist on this list? There are several girls on the come up in Chicago right now (i.e. Lili K who was worked with a decent chunk of artists you chose to put on here). I wish RubyHornet would realize there is more to Chicago hip-hop than dudes and maybe try to be a little more inclusive.

    • +

      yo jean deaux is a single female artist. fuck w her

  • MastaHandz

    Murph Watkins and Julian Malone all day…

  • Leeeee

    The Palmer Squares?

  • Kevin Wisla


  • Kevin Wisla

    The Pro Letarians are also missing here, new mixtape dropped today . Not associated, just trying to spread the word of good music. Guarantee it’s better than some of the dudes on here.


    The Palmer Squares? TheWHOevers? C’mon now..

  • Marley

    How about the WhoEvers? Ibn Inglor? Jarred AG? ya’ll shoulda did some more research fam.

  • NewSchool

    No Hona Costello????????? UGHHHHH!!!!

  • Andew

    Green Sllime? Jarred A.G.? Dally Auston? Ibn Inglor? Palmer Squares?

  • Doc

    Boss or bosses wher ya got Beadz Jones and GBoy MostRequested..

  • GrahamMan

    yea, you forgot dreezy. also it would be cool if next time you let us know where everyone is from in Chicago. Im from the northside, and I want to know. also where is lblaaga and n$gt$

  • jamal shabazz


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