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The Illz: The Dreams of Life and Beth

the illz forget The Illz: The Dreams of Life and Beth

My guy is back at it. The ILLZ along with filmmaker Kristopher Rey-Talley, will be releasing an innovative multimedia project on August 17th titled The In Between Video Series. Each song off the project will be released with a video as we approach the release date, and on the 17th, the each song and video will be available for download.

“The song is introspective and haunting, and I wanted to convey that through a simplistic set of visuals. Shooting on the Manhattan bridge at 5:30am, we got that clean ambient light, and complete desertion. Everything was shot on long lenses, creating a sense of deep space and complete loneliness. The video is a mood piece, low on concept but high on artistry and emotion. It is but the first chapter in a varied, complex and beautiful set of upcoming videos, one unlike that of any artist I’ve worked with thus far.”

I really like the concepts The ILLZ and his team have to offer, as I think this will one of the more insightful and powerful projects we will see this summer.


The ILLZ – Dreams of Life & Beth (Official Video) from Delgis Mustafa on Vimeo.



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