The Mos Def Music Tee/RS Interview

Mos Def

The Esctatic  has been in my car stereo for the last week, and now thanks to clothing label LnA, you can wear it on your back.  Mos Def linked up with the label to creat the Mos Def Music Tee, which includes album artwork on the front, a tracklist on the back, and a unique code on the shirt’s tag that allows purchasers to grab music as well.  The Music tee features a collection of up and coming artists, Mos Def being second in the series and so far the most prominent.  The Mos Def shirt was made in connection with Downtown Records and DJ Invisibl and will be available on June 7th…In other Mos Def news, be sure to check out his new interview with Rolling StoneAnybody unsure about his new LP gets a clear direction from Mos’ words in RS, after listening to LP muiltiple times, the RS interview made perfect sense and vice versa…An excerpt:

“You see things on the news that make you want to cry.  This album is about turning that energy around, and getting my judo on.  If we keep that positive mental attitude, we’ll be all right.”

Sean CK

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