Toro Y Moi: “So Many Details” Remix feat Hodgy Beats

Date: 11.05.2012 by Alexander Fruchter|Posted in: Uncategorized 0 Comments

toro y moi hodgy Toro Y Moi: So Many Details Remix feat Hodgy Beats

Toro Y Moi has a new album dropping January 22nd via Car Park Records.  I used a big fan of Toro, and loved his first album.  I think my tastes changed more than anything, and I don’t check for Toro that often anymore, but when you add Hodgy Beats into the equation, it definitely pops back on the radar.  Toro grabbed the Odd Future and MellowHype representer for a remix of his “So Many Details” tune, which is off his debut LP as well as a 11/23 Record Store Day 7″.  Peep it below.